Your wallet is going digital

Is your business ready for this opportunity?

What is Bindd?

Bindd is a better way to create, manage and distribute your company cards. Not on print but through mobile devices. We use Apple's Passbook and Samsung Wallet to allow your business to provide your customers with digital cards. If you're talking about coupons, tickets, loyalty cards or anything card related, look no further. We can help you, trust us on that.

How to use Bindd

Step 1

1. Create your passes

Sign up and meet Bindd. The dashboard is built to empower your business to maximize the potential of Passbook and Samsung Wallet.

Step 2

2. Deploy your passes

Share your passes on your website, Facebook, Twitter or email and attract more customers to your store.

Step 3

3. Reach your audience

Give your customers a better experience with your brand or business by learning what is important for them.

Inside Bindd


Clever design meets powerful technology

Customer insights

See how your customers interact with your business


Get great exposure from your users with Facebook and Twitter integration

Supported platforms

Pass templates

Just fill out the required information and you're ready to go

Rewards program

Interact and engage your (loyal) customers through personalized offers


Use our free iPad app to scan your user's passes

We support Apple Passbook and Samsung Wallet

Start today

Unlike other services, Bindd is completely free. We won't charge you per coupon or download. Sit back, relax and enjoy our platform.

Sign up for free

No pass limits, no pass download limit, no limit on anything! Unless of course you are going to fry our servers. In that case please contact us for high volumes!

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Bindd for high volumes

If you represent a really big company, please contact us. High volumes demand high service, we would like to tell your more.

Contact us

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can do this by mail or phone +31 (0)50 211 00 45. Don't forget to checkout our support page for our FAQ and feature requests.


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